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As you know in update 2.11 was added new branch of German tanks from V to X levels. New tanks have funny names: BBQ, rhino, stubborn Emil, borscht, waffle and grill.  Alex Eliseev decided to come up […]

Release update

Tankers, today June 29 was released second in this month update under version In this update players expect exciting changes and additions to the game: – New map Vineyard – New German branch – Changes […]

Update 2.11

On Wednesday, June 29, will release new update for World of Tanks Blitz. In new update 2.11 players will see: – A new map “Vineyards” – The new German branch with interesting development tech tree. In this branch you […]

Soon will release a new update 2.11 for World of Tanks Blitz. In this update players will see new addition in the German development tree. New tanks from V to X level will have interesting […]

New map in update 2.11

In new update 2.11 we will have new map which called “Vineyard”. The feature of map is evening time of day. Unlike other maps, “Vineyard” is markedly different to its darkness, but still there are an elaborate lighting. […]

Hello everyone , Waited? Get! The update 2.11 developers will add a new branch of the German Tank Destroyers since Pz.Sfl.IVc and ending RUINED Grille 15. Updated German Tech Tree:

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