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Update 2.9 is Here!

Tankers! Patch WoT Blitz 2.9 is already working at full! Anyone can download it or update.

There are only two tanks in China branch: Type 62 and Type 59. For this reason camouflage for Chinese technique is not very rich: a universal or a season. But Update 2.9 will change this. New […]

Many tankers are not enthusiastic about the team formation before the battle start. At the moment, there is rendom formation. It is means that in combat you will expect vehicles on 1-2 levels above your tank or on […]

Update 2.9. Review

On May 4, we will expect a long-awaited and interesting Updates 2.9. Let’s remind of all changes and additions, which we expect in this patch: – Create  Training Rooms – VIII level of supply – Enter […]

Commanders!  May 4 we will have update 2.9 for World of Tanks Blitz in which there will be exciting changes and additions: 1. In the new update developers have tried to improve the fighting and make […]

Developers decided to create a training room because of the large number requests.Training room where every player will be able to hone their skills and successfully used it in combat. In update 2.9 this feature will […]

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