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June 27th this Wednesday, will be available the new update 3.0 for World of Tanks Blitz. In the new update the developers in carrying a number of changes: – Map “Falls Creek”. Here you can pre-acquainted with […]

In update 3.0, which will be released June 27th will add a new game mode which called “Supremacy”. To get in new mode you will have a chance 50/50, so be careful after the update look the map name […]

Friends! As you know, many players are constantly complained about the unfair random battles and some advantages of tanks on the others. Developers tried to fed balance of the game by changing the parameters of […]

In update 3.0 will happen metamorphosis with map “Falls Creek”. The map called “Falls Creek” will be remade and modernized with the addition of new locations to maintain the tactics of the game. Map will become brighter, […]

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