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Winter is not close, the winter came, and World of Tanks Blitz – is no exception! When the update 2.4 download to your mobile device, you will sooner or later be able to play on […]

Japan – a country of mysteries, distinctive and sometimes bizarre but very interesting culture. After the release of patch 2.4 you’ll be able to get acquainted with a part of the history of Japanese tank […]

Hi warriors, As we reported in the new update WoT Blitz 2.3, will be a new map “Rainy channel.” And just to let you know that this is the first card in World of Tanks […]

[2.3] Clan Improvemets

Hello everyone, Clan functionality rapidly acquires new features. In the near update of the game will take place the following changes.

Update 2.3 Puzzle Game

Hello everyone, Very soon will be released update 2.3. Well, while you’re waiting, you can fold the puzzle and see the teaser of the new update.

Commanders! Today a great event! Today came out the update WoT Blitz 2.2, which means that anyone can download or update the game to the latest version and get all the surprises prepared by developers […]

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