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On our site, we already laid out a similar mod, but the current version of the New Year hangar is somewhat different from the previous one. In the yard, autumn and summer heat quickly evaporates, […]

World of Tanks Blitz in Steam

Friends! Recently was passed a rumor that World of Tanks Blitz will be available on Windows computers. But is it true and when it is happen no one knows exactly. Today we received accurate information: […]

Friends! We hurry to please you with a new hangar, which we found on the Internet. Hangar by the author A_N_T_71. The fact that the hangar is based on a map from the second stage of […]

Friends! We would like to introduce you  first  modpack from Nikitanga and his team. The biggest advantage of modpack is fact that it includes a lot of useful and necessary mods for battle. You only need to […]

Today, we want to offer the first mod in such style. A premium hangar in World of Tanks. If you will install mod, you get a free premium hangar with its capabilities in its use. Mega […]

We offer a new joystick under name “Moment”. On the screen joystick looks bright, easily and accurately. Mod is suitable for screens of all resolutions. Author of mod is player Vlad Chatillion.

Many players complain of very big sights that only interfere in the game. For such players today we present a new, miniature sight which called MiniSniper. Sight takes up minimal space on the screen. Mod […]

One more sight in version 2.10. Sight SEG – a very soft scope. Bright, conspicuous, easy sight – everything you need for a good game. Install scope and have a big victories on the battlefield. Warning! Do not […]

Friends! We are introduce for you redesigned, more modern and improved sight which called Epilepsy. The author of modifying is Alex Brel. The author has made details more clearly and visibly. The sight looks beautiful and aesthetical. […]

One more product from author Koks77740. Hangar of Second World War (1941-1942 years). Hangar with the German symbols and paraphernalia, stylized in military Germany. The hangar is present German minimalism and simplicity in the details. In […]

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