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Today we present scope under the name Golden Eye. The author of sight is gamer alpine7. This sight is ideal for modification golden joystick and glare lamp for World of Tanks Blitz, which we presented earlier. […]

Here is a cute joystick from author johnny19041988. The name of mod speaks for itself. The joystick is not overloaded, it looks beautiful and fashionable. Beside joystick you will await one more modification: the sixth sense […]

The author of mod is Vlad Chatillion from Teamblitz. An interesting effect joystick with glowing lava inside and a transparent net around the lava. Modification downside is that it is incompatible with 1920×1080 screen resolution.

The lamp of sixth sense is important in combat and can save you not once. Mod sixth sense warns you about approaching danger for you because you have been seen by the enemy. Today we offer a […]

Many players have requested  joystick that would not be too overloaded, bright and distracting. Such joystick we represent today. Minimalistic, translucent, delicate joystick from the player johnny19041988 (we thanks to him about it). Current version 2.8. […]

We present  the newest hangar from our regular modder johnny19041988. Mod actual for version 2.8. Hangar called 4PDA. Interesting, beautiful hangar. When you will install it for yourself you will see a tank like an […]

Today we preset for you one more  interesing hangar from player johnny19041988. If you set  Hangar “Rusty Warriors” for yourself  your tanks seemed to be covered with rust. Generally interesting and unusual hangar. Download and […]

Hangar with interesting title “Coma”. The essence of the hangar is that you will see only your tank on a white background with logo of your favorite game, World of Tanks Blitz. It is was very […]

Recently, we wrote about Ran4erep Scope with author quatr1k. Today we present another mod by the same author. Round sight is not only easy to use but also has advantage: built-damage indicator. This indicator will give you all necessary information about the […]

Today we have addition to the sights categories. Sight Ran4erep. The author of sight is a player under nickname quatr1k. The mod was created in a minimalist style, but with very essential features and functions. […]

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