TAIPAN sight from World of Tanks 7.3

Today, we offer a sight, well known for many tankers from the World of Tanks. A sight called TAIPAN. The authors adapted this modification specifically for the game World of Tanks Blitz. Now mobile tanks players will also be able to enjoy good sights. Over the creation of the mod worked three well-known modders: quatr1k, alpine7 and gektor9707.


Features of TAIPAN sight

  • Distance meter
  • Drum below (soon the author will place it on the right)
  • Circle of information
  • Tank speed

The mod is great for the current version of the game. All GPU
Copy the Gfx, Gfx2 and UI folders to the place where the cache / files / Data /
Important! Sight worked fine and there were no problems with the installation – but necessary to set the mod to the clean / waste folders Gfx, Gfx2 and UI

wotblitz7.3taipan (31 KB)


  1. Fantastic mod! What folder does the BattleUILayer.yaml go in?? The folder break down in the mod doesn’t exist.

  2. Čiko

  3. Čiko

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