Tankenstein in WoT Blitz

Many of you have heard about this tank, but no one could figure out how to get it.


Tankenstein – a heavy tank Tier VII, assembled from parts of different models of combat vehicles. This nightmare of any engineer, because it is unclear how this monster could exist at all.

As expected – it will be a marathon on the tank!

The marathon will be difficult, it is necessary to work hard.

Marathon is divided into several stages, each getting harder and harder. On marathon allotted 15 days. It will last from October 15, 8:00 (GMT) to 30 October 13:00 (GMT)


After all 7 steps, you will receive:

hybrid09 hybrid08 hybrid06 hybrid05 hybrid04 hybrid03 hybrid02 hybrid01  tankenstein_3 tankenstein_1 (1)

 Main features:

tankenstein_stats_1 tankenstein_stats_2



  1. What kind of contest will it be ?

  2. Do you have to work through all the XP or can you just use gold?

  3. Is wery good mod

  4. Is very good mod!

  5. Wery good

  6. Werygood

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