Textures from Z.Daniil v 1.1

If you want that maps in the game look more vivid, colorful and quality – we offer a modification from Z.Daniil. This mod can replace dull, inconspicuous textures with high-quality and bright textures.
The author replaced all the main elements on the map: houses, cars, stones, fences and so on to new textures. Previously, there was a similar modification from the same author. The old version included such maps: Echelon, Rudniki, Middleburg, El Alamein, Protoka. The new author added five more maps: Port, Winter Robin, Lost Temple, Castile, Hot Sands.

377-min (1)

37-min (1) 36-min (1) 35-min (1) 34-min (1) 32-min (1)

1) Unpack the contents of the archive along the path: Android / Data / net.wargaming …… / files here
2) Confirm the replacement and merge
3) Run the game and enjoy
New Textures (168 MB)

 Full mod (708 MB)


  1. looks great but my pc is trash :/

  2. WoW то действительн
    о работает

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