The new branch of the British Tank Destroyers in the 2.1

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британские пт

Probably many of you know already, that the new update we will have a new branch of the British Tank Destroyers 2.1. Today we’ll show you how it looks in our beloved game WoT Blitz.

British TechTree

British TechTree

List of tanks and screenshots:

Universal Carrier QF 2 pounder


01-universal-carrier-2-pdr06 02-universal-carrier-2-pdr01


Valentine AT




05-alecto3 06-alecto1

АТ 2

07-at-22 08-at-20

AT 8


АТ 7

11-at-71 12-at-70

АТ 15

14-at-154 13-at-152


16-tortoise 15-tortoise

FV215 B


Download the new update you can here

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