The new tank ISU 122m + Mod Replacement SU 152 at ISU 122m

Was received information from the developers of the game + personal facts about the new tank named ISU 122m or ISU 122m Berlin.
Coming soon on the battlefield will be a new tank 7 level which beloved USSR nation.
In the computer version of the game this tank already exists and shows itself successfully on the battlefield.
The price of a tank is 4900 gold
This tank is not finalized so you may not see it on our testers but only game developers
Accurate release date is unknown but rumored that it will be released the same date as IS-2
Modmaker made mod that replaces SU 152 on ISU 122m
Throw on the road Data \ XML \ item_defs \ vehicles \
Mod (2 MB)


  1. Itsnt work yeah???
    My game wotb get force close XD

  2. Don’t really no how it works

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