The sight of FRIZ_RAGE & JIMBO

Meet the new sight, which was taken from the famous ModPaka FRIZ_RAGE. Initially this interface sight developed player with EU server JIMBO, then the team blitzmods ported it to mobile tanks.

Jimbo WoT Blitz


Note: Sight FRIZ_RAGE developed in HD quality, so that the game client and your device must be appropriate.


How to install:
Download the archive and extract
Folder Gfx2 put this path: net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data /


Sight_tegra (4 Mb)

Sight_adreno (4 Mb)


  1. Can u make for me in ios

  2. where is mali???.. i want it

  3. Hey make it for new update please!!!!!

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