Universal cross-hairs for any sight

This modification is allow the player to set the crosshair to fire at any scope. Feature of mod is that it is universal – this means that you can set the cross-hairs on your favorite sights, even on standard.
But it is important to remember that you need to install the mod just over an established sight. Otherwise, the mod will not work. Convenient and useful modification that will allow you to get better results in battle. Author of mod is D_mich98


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Android – data – net.wargaming.wot.blitz – files – data.

Universal cross-hairs  (150 KB)


  1. 1999

  2. What a sight in a photo 3 (when you play Pz.IV) ?

  3. bitch

  4. doesnt work on v 3.00
    pleas FIX IT

  5. Когда уже добавят первый прицел. Конечно то что есть работает идеально и сильно помогает (версия игры 3.5).

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