Update 1.11 – in this Wednesday!

Update 1.11 for World of Tanks Blitz is mostly about three things: tanks, tanks, and more tanks. This Update brings eight new vehicles.

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There are also improvements to vehicle balance and some othe minor but pleasant improvements.

A new Tier VI medium tank – ┬áthe Sherman Jumbo – has been added to the U.S. Thech Tree. This is the thickest skinned of all the Shermans.

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The turret and front hull are strong. The Jumbo can bounce shells like a good heavy tank, but it still has the maneuverability of a medium tank.

The KV-2, a heavy tank with a giant turret, appears in Tier VI in the Soviet Tech Tree.

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The well-armored and maneuverable KV-13, a hybrid of the KV heavy tank and the T-34 medium tank, appears at Tier VII.

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The Object 140 arrives at Tier X. This will surely be one of the best medium tanks in the game. It’s a versatile, agile vehicle with a well-armored turret and an excellent gun that’s very accurate, even on the move.

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Germany receives two Pz.Kpfw.IV medium tanks at Tiers III and IV. These tanks are versatile and easy to master, with the usual German reliability.

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One of the most popular tank destroyers in World of Tanks on PC, the Jagpanzer II, also arrives at Tier VIII. Its secret lies in its outstanding gun, which has high accuracy, armor peneration, and damage.

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This TD has almost no drawbacks; It’s fast, maneuverable, and quite well armored as well.

The British Churcill Gun Carrier occupies Tier VI. Unlike the Jagpanzer II, this TD is huge, slow, and not very well armored. However, its gun can cause serious trouble to any opponent.

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Balancing factors have been reworked for more than 10 vehicles in Update 1.11.

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Six tank destroyers will become more durable: The SU-85, Su-85I, M36 Jackson, M18 Hellcat, Dicker Max, and Jagpanzer IV. Reload time is reduced for the guns of most of these vehicles, with only a few exceptions. Armor penetration values for several guns on Tier V to VII vehicles will change.

For example, it’s increased for the German 8,8 cm L/56 gun and Soviet 45 mm BT-42 gun, and reduced for the Soviet 76mm F-32, KT-28, and L-10 guns.

A few othe minor improvements also arrive with this update. The game interface now includes the option to change language.

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Finally, thete’s a new type of mission in the game. Complete it and be rewarded with gold.

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Well, the wait is a new update quite a bit, it will, as we have previously reported, and July 15, 2015 (now in this Wednesday).

Review of the new 1.11 update:

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