Update 1.11 – New Tanks

With the coming the update 1.11 in each branch will be a few new tanks. And so meet the new tanks!

Soviet Tanks:



2 kv-2-2 kv-2-3 kv-2-4


kv-13-1 kv-13-2 kv-13-3 kv-13-4

Object 140:

obj.140-2 obj.140-1 obj.140-3 obj.140-4

New soviet tanks Preview:

German Tanks:


Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A:

pz4a-1 pz4a-2 pz4a-3 pz4a-4

Pz.IV Ausf D:

pz4d-1 pz4d-2 pz4d-3 pz4d-4

Jagdpanther 2:

jgdpanter2-3 jgdpanter2-2 jgdpanter2-1 jgdpanter2-4

Jagpanther 2 Preview:

USA and  UK tanks:


M4A3E2 Sherman

jambo-1 jambo-2 jambo-3 jambo-4 jambo-5


Gun Carrier Churchill

churchillgc-2 churchillgc-1 churchillgc-3 churchillgc-4 churchillgc-5

M4A3E2 Sherman & Gun Carrier Churchill Preview:

All the details of the update can be found here: http://blitzworldoftanks.com/update-wot-blitz-1-11-very-soon/

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  1. Well whats the date that it will come out iv been waiting ever since you guys announced it!
    Im Ready To Role Out 😀

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