Update 1.6 is on its way!

Today, there is information about the release of the next update World of Tanks Blitz 1.6. The new patch will be no less informative than the previous one.

In this update the developers will delight you with the second branch of the British tanks. At this time, it will include medium and heavy tanks. It will be stuffed with a medium tank Medium I and end with a heavy FV215b.


In addition to updating the WoT Blitz 1.6, developers have created a new, Summer map “Castilla”, which would have like almost all players.

Castilla – virtually city map, the building which gives great opportunities for maneuvers.
The city center is on the hill conquered what you can control almost any part of the map.


Also, it is worth mentioning that the center of the village is washed by the river, which in some places is deep enough. Therefore, it is best to use one of the three bridges that lead to the village center.

In addition, there will be common optimization small changes that will improve performance on some Android devices.

WoT Blitz optimization under Android 5.0 in this patch should not wait.

The release date of the update can be found here:
In addition to these innovations, soon to be announced yet, so stay tuned and stay with us!

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