Update 2.1. All the details!

Today there was news about the forthcoming release of a new update of mobile tanks 2.1. Most likely the next update will be released next week, on Wednesday.

Update 2.1

So, in the next version of the game:

New British Tech tree of Tank Destroyers:
Universal Carrier QF 2 pounder, Alecto, Valentine AT, AT 2, AT 7, Gun Carrier Churchill, AT 8 AT 15, A39 Tortoise, FV215b (183).

Added clan chat and clan Simple search.

– Ability to obtain all necessary information with the new menu “Community”

– Changed the performance characteristics of a number of tanks, what it is not reported.

– Rate of fire E 25 has been increased.

– Many other minor improvements and changes.

Download the new patch will be here: http://blitzworldoftanks.com/download/

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  1. You can not play for days ! Akár3000 reaches Ping ! That’s not why I’m in the premium days ! This should be remedied, because the game is so unpalatable !

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