Update 2.10. The first changes

Soon we will have another update from WG. Update with a lot of new improvements and additions. Today we will acquaint you with one of them.
Update 2.10 will be radical for one of the oldest map in the game, namely the “Baltic Shield”. Map will expect dramatic changes and improvements pleasant for the players:
– One of the main changes is the lack of mountain and present free place for high-speed travel light and medium levels tanks. Mountain now displaced over the map, and  place will available for high-speed travel.



– Another change relates to the capture of Base. Since base is located in a valley that  considered one of the most dangerous places for tankers. Now the situation has changed. Circle capture offset, there will a rocky field, behind which you can hide and to repulse the enemy

rockfield_2_9_art-1024x640 rockfield_2_10_art-1024x640

– Another changes  place – is gate. Change the height and location of the shelter, near the gate will be height hill.

rockfield_2_10_art_01-1024x640 (1) rockfield_2_9_art_01-1024x640 (1)

In general, players is expected improve, modern map “Baltic Shield”, which you can view in the screenshots below.

rockfield_2_10_art_01-1024x640 5623 (1) 7845 (1) 7513 (1)

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