Update 2.4 is now live


We would like to tell you the good news. Now you can update the WoT Blitz to the latest version 2.4.


What’s New:

World of Tanks Blitz 2.4: 13 Japanese tanks, a new map and a large-scale tank rebalance tier II-IV.

On our site you can download .APK file a new patch, which weighs 51 MB.

Download .APK file


  1. when i can sed gunsound?

  2. now i can’t update the game on version 2.4 becouse it says that my phone is not supported…it worked excellent on 2.3 and now i can’t play…please fix this,i have LG Magna H500f

    • Chắc phải đợi bản yếu thi bạn ơi 🙂 my của mnh cũng khng chơi được.

  3. Ik cant play wot blitz with 2.4

  4. I cant get the APP to load and play the game anymore since the last version upgrade. Help.

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