Update 2.4 will be released very soon

As we promised very soon released update 2.4, which will bring us a lot of innovations and changes.

Обновление 2.4

Apparently WoT Blitz 2.4 patch will be released next week, from Tuesday to Wednesday, December 9.

Just below, we have identified the following features of the patch:
The new Japanese Tech Tree.

The new map Himmelsdorf.

Change the map “Lost Temple

Balance changes will affect 42 low-tier tanks and a couple of other tanks.
Fixed various bugs


  1. Comment on fais pour essayer la map tout seul ?

  2. Dacie link do pobrania 2.4 Pliss

  3. I entered the game, then the game stops or woven into a pattern because I tome & sight & sound of gunfire, the game stops help resolve By Thai people.

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