Update 2.5. The first details!

Hello everyone,

update 2.5

The first update in 2016 will be released in January! World of Tanks Blitz will present you a lot of pleasant surprises. Judge for yourself:

The game introduced the camouflage – the tanks can “dress” for the weather and get a bonus to disguise.


Concealment Bonuses:

Light and medium tanks: +3% stealth bonus
Heavy tanks: +2% stealth bonus
Tank destroyers: +4% stealth bonus

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Clan players will receive a system of discounts and bonuses – functional “Purchasing”.

Features several tanks will improve, and the familiar T95 tank will be faster!
Will be made other changes and improvements.


Released a new patch of mobile tanks is expected on January 13 if nothing happens.

Download the new patch you can as always in this topic: http://blitzworldoftanks.com/download/

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  1. Hey there admin..thank you for the great intro about the 2.5 update. And thank you for doing a great job bringing a updates so fast, i myself got the 2.4 from this site. You must know that the 2.5 has bees released already, so i cant wait to get it from you. I hope it wont be long..thanx again

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