Update 2.9 for World of Tanks Blitz

Commanders!  May 4 we will have update 2.9 for World of Tanks Blitz in which there will be exciting changes and additions:
1. In the new update developers have tried to improve the fighting and make the usual route on the battlefield “Goldville” unpredictable and more exciting. As you know fights on this route often took place at the stone arches or in the tank farm area. But in the new update you will expect reworked routes, rearrangement of objects, added new shelter, rocks, hills.



Generally improved and redesigned map. If you want to feel youself comfortable and confident on the renewal “Golden Valley” you can already see map.

Goldville prior to Update 2.9


Goldville after Update 2.9


2. The same changes will be with some tanks, or rather their camouflage. The “legendary camouflage” will be available in new update. Legendary camouflage – a special paint for one specific tank. Tanks which will have legendary camouflage:

– Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Shinobi
– E 25 “#1″
– Type 62 “Dragon”
For these tanks innovation: the legendary camouflage is free.
In addition to the interesting and non-standard design the legendary camouflage has another advantage:
– Establish a standard color, if desired, but also the name of the tank changes to the standard.
Legendary camouflage (Shinobi)


Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai legendary without camouflage


But be careful in the game there is a Special Technique appearance, which can not be replaced:
–  T-34-85 “Victorious”
–  IS-3 “Defender”
–  IP-6 “Fearless”
–  M4A3E8 Fury
– T34 Independence
– “Frankenshtank”
–  New Jagdtiger 8.8
–  “Connor angry”
– Panzer IV Anko Special
–  Kuro Mori Mine

3. Also in Update 2.9 will be available to the eighth level of supply. Upgrade VIII levels will not be easy but it’s worth it.

New Discounts and Bonuses Level 8

Repair Cost Discount

Equipment Discount

Garage Slot for Credits
One Slot

Vehicle Purchase Discount

4. UPDATE 2.9. Rooms for training

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