Update 3.0. Battle mode Supremacy

In update 3.0, which will be released June 27th will add a new game mode which called “Supremacy”. To get in new mode you will have a chance 50/50, so be careful after the update look the map name and mode.
“Supremacy” has much common with a “meeting engagement”, but is still present its own characteristics: new victory conditions and the lack of a neutral base, which could be captured and instantly win. There is no new mode in training rooms.

In exchange a neutral base on map there are 3 points: A, B and C, but at the top of the screen there are two points with the scale. Before the battle teams will receive 300 victory points. Your task is to hold out at least 15 seconds this points. Your team can simultaneously grab the 3 points every and every 2 seconds occupation will bring you 5 points. But as soon as a point visit the enemy tank scoring stops.



Also points will be awarded for the destruction of enemy combat vehicles. Your team will be added, and the enemy will decrease. More points, more chances for winning. Detailed result of the points you can see in after battle statistics.

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  1. please data file for 3.0

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