Update 3.0 for World of Tanks Blitz

June 27th this Wednesday, will be available the new update 3.0 for World of Tanks Blitz. In the new update the developers in carrying a number of changes:
– Map “Falls Creek”. Here you can pre-acquainted with the new map and feel safe on the battlefield.
– To balance the game developers made research and studying the statistics and increased credit earnings of some tanks

– In update 3.0 players will expect a new mode called Supremacy. More details about innovation, you can find here.
These and others changes can found in the video review below.

Players that played one battle from 6th (20:00) to 7th (20:00)  august  will have pleasant surprise – a free premium account for 2 days.


  1. Free prem account yea and new update yeah

  2. please data file for 3.0 download link

  3. Cache for WoT Blitz 3.0 Android download link please

  4. When is update for SFX sounds mod ?

  5. Top upper hull effective armor changed from 2m to 2m. Lower upper hull effective armor changed from 2m to 2m. The very top and bottom of the front hull was roughly m weaker than the main section before this change. This change provides better overall protection for your upper hull.

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