Update 3.10. New camouflage

Tomorrow, June 21st will be a long-awaited update 3.10. In this regard, the gaming server will be temporarily unavailable. Those players who will be active a premium account (at the time of the technical robot) after receiving an additional premium day.
In update 3.10, players will have the opportunity to choose a new camouflage for their combat vehicles. A large number of bright, original, and just beautiful camouflages will your but you need to pay. We offer you a complete list of expected camouflages. Here you will definitely find something for yourself


13-camo-3-10 11-camo-3-10 10-camo-3-10 09-camo-3-10 08-camo-3-10 07-camo-3-10 06-camo-3-10 04-camo-3-10 03-camo-3-10 02-camo-3-10 01-camo-3-10 fireworks tankfest-2017 reliable-camo

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