Update 3.4.2

While everyone actively preparing for the New Year – we have new update. It is the latest update in this year. Based on the version – it is a micro patch, without a large-scale innovations or improvements, although some significant changes will occur. More details about the changes:
– New medal in the “Excellence” mode.


– Added check on the state of the arty and the type of management if the player wants to join the team for the tournament
– Increased strength M5 Stuart
– Free replenishment of camouflage that was unlocked for gold or money
– If you want to explore the tank, now adds the ability to choose which machine is to be spent on the military experience of its research.
Plus numerous fixes of bugs:

– Download from Google or Google Play is no have longer time
– Fixed bugs with the fall of the client
– You can rename a Steam-account without reference to the e-mail address
– Description of the clan is limited to only 500 letters
– Many other things



Update 3.4.2 (52 MB)

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  1. Agreguen el bt-7 arty en HD Porfas

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