Update 3.7. Tournaments and tickets

As was already mentioned in one of the video by developers, you will need tickets to access the tournaments. We will talk about them more detail today. The registration system for ticket tournaments will begin already with the release update 3.7. So, what is it?

Previously, many teams were recorded for the duel, but in the battle itself did not appear. As a result, the opponent’s team was credited with the winnings, but this is all formal, because there was no battle, no action and skill. With such battles you can lose your skills. In general, in update 3.7, all this “mess” will change. Now if your team wants to measure by forces you will need to register and show tickets for each participant of the team.

Tickets can be: by levels of technology (bronze, silver, gold and large tournament) and by skill. Depending on level, you will receive an appropriate ticket. For example, if you have a IX-X technique, you can count on a big tournament and so on as the level of tanks decreases.
To get the opportunity to play at a big tournament, the player will need to register in the bronze series and play the fight well. He has access to get silver where the principle is the same.

Thus, if the team started with the bronze series and reached the big tournament – it’s talking about its professionalism and high-level skills. Thus, thanks to the system of the levels tanks, the skill system is also evident. The higher level of the team, the greater its skills. Such fights promise to be spectacular.

But, until not all the tournaments will need tickets. In the list of tournaments will appear the ticket icon with its detailed description. Click on it and find out all the rules and the main number of tickets you need. The number of tickets must match the number of participants. If someone in the team does not have enough of this tickets you can give your own. But in cases with a bronze series ticket can and buy

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