Update 3.8. From developers

We are hurry to share with you the freshest news about new update 3.8, which became known from the developers. Here we will introduce you with main innovations and the full list of changes will be posted a little later. So what’s new and interesting we can expect in patch 3.8?

First, the equipment mechanic will be reworked. There are a lot of equipment in the game today, but the players install only a few of them, because everything else is just not effective. In a new patch, developers want to change this situation and offer tankers a more extensive list of equipment and most importantly more efficiently, but it’s simply impossible to do this in the current system, so the system will expand and change.

In the new system there will be 9 slots distributed over 3 levels, in each slot there will be 2 versions. Now the equipment does not need to be bought – now you need to open the slot. Opening the slot, you can choose between 2 options of equipment. Slots of the first level is opened simply, but for opening 2 and above the level you will need a special currency, which you can successfully earn for some events in the game.

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  1. horrible update!!!

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