Update 4.0. New French tanks.

Today we will introduce you to the new French tanks that will appear in update 4.0. The new patch is rich in different innovations. We have already talked about improvements on the Ford map and a new regime – rating battles.
Well, today we will introduce you to the new, French tank destroyer, they will already have 9 tanks in the game.

Renault FT AC and Renault UE 57 (II and III level)

Despite their strange appearance, these tanks will inflict unrepeatable harm to any enemy.


Somua SAu 40 and S35 CA (IV and V level)

These tanks are distinguished by good accuracy and fast mixing. Having such tanks in the arsenal your opponents are doomed.


ARL V39 – tank of the VI level

Tank with slightly higher armor, but with a great firepower. One blow and your opponent will defeat.


AMX AC 46 and AMX AC 48 (VII and VIII levels)

These tanks differ in their design. Long trunks, powerful look, strict design.


Speed, power, and accuracy are the main criteria of these tanks.

AMX 50 Foch and AMX 50 Foch (155)

Almost identical tanks IX and X levels. These are the main machines of this branch. The Foch 155 is an armed heavy vehicle that speeds up well (up to 50 km / h), while the AMX 50 Foch has a more powerful engine and a large caliber cannon.

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