Update 4.1. New camouflage

The nearest update is already prepared. The next update that will be released for World of Tanks Blitz will be under version 4.1. The exact date for the new patch is not yet available. As soon as we have this information we will share it with you immediately. Well, for now, we are in a hurry to share with you news, about the upcoming update.

New camouflage

The developers decided to slightly transform the “wardrobe” of tankmen. In this regard, in a new patch will be a new camouflage, which will suit any technique, any level.

  • Legendary camouflage

To the known to many tankmen club “Legendary camouflage” new tanks will be added: “Object 140”, E 100, T57 Heavy Tank and FV215b (183). All these four machines will acquire their unique legendary camouflage. Not only the appearance of the tanks will change, but also their name.


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  • Rare Camouflage

Want a bonus to disguise? Want an unusual and creative camouflage? Then install a rare camouflage with two types of coloring: “Rocket Arsenal” and “Rocket Volley”



New French branch

While it is not exactly known in the update 4.1 or the next patch, but players can safely expect a new French branch. Developers are actively working on a new branch and with a new creation you can see in the screenshots below.

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