Update 4.2 for World of Tanks Blitz

Summer is over, but this is no reason to be sad. In World of Tanks Blitz, a new update 4.2. Players are waiting for a hardware rebalance, a new branch of French drummers, a map of the “Naval Frontier” and many more interesting.
In update 4.2, the characteristics of some machines were revised. Some American tanks have strongly got out of the statistics. Therefore, it was decided to change their characteristics. The most protected Destroyers tank in the game is T-95. In a new patch this tank will decrease in size, and the command tower will also be reduced. This will make the opposition of a formidable machine more honest.
The American light tank T49 – slightly lost in armor plating with premium shells and began to recharge a little longer. American drum middle and heavy tanks have changed. Now it’s more armored tanks for the front line.
T57 Heavy strengthened the tower booking, reduced the scatter, the time of reduction and the speed of recharging the gun. The T54E1 guns reduced the scatter, increased the speed of recharging and armor-piercing. Slightly reduced the average damage per shot. The top cannon 69 is now recharged longer, but it shoots more accurately.
French heavy tanks have become more precise and can effectively perform the role of support. The ammunition AMX 50B received a reduced scatter, improved time reduction and recharging, as well as increased armor penetration of the base projectile. For more details about all the changes, see the video below.


Download the new patch 4.2 here.

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