Update 4.6. Chinese medium tanks

Friends, we hasten to share news about the future patch World of Tanks Blitz 4.6. So, as promised by the developers was to added a new branch. A new, long-awaited branch for the World of Tanks Blitz was – the Chinese. In the update 4.6 will be the first ten Chinese medium tanks. They will be:

  • First tier (I) – NC-31
  • Second tier  (II) – VAE Type B
  • The third tier  (III) – Chi-Ha
  • The fourth tier  (IV) – M5A1 Stuart
  • Fifth tier  (VI) – Type T-34
  • Sixth tier  (VII) – Type 58
  • The seventh tier  (VII) – T-34-1
  • Eighth tier  (VIII) – T-34-2
  • Ninth tier  (XI) WZ-120
  • Tenth tier (X) – 121

Image 45-min

Image 47-min Image 48-min Image 49-min Image 50-min Image 52-min Image 53-min Image 58-min Image 60-min Image 65-min

In addition to new tanks, in update 4.6 there will also be new boosters. For example:

  • Booster loans – increase the number of loans for the battle from 10 000 to 50 000 units, as well as acting in one battle.
  • Booster free experience – increases free experience per battle by 350%. When merged, you will receive special boosters of special experience (+ 500%).
  • Battle Booster
  • New mechanics of combining boosters
  • And much more

As soon as additional information about patch 4.6 appears, we will notify you immediately.

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  1. Any current tanks taken out/off the chart?

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