Update 4.9 for World of Tanks Blitz

Tomorrow, April 25th players World of Tanks Blitz expects a new and very interesting update. The new patch will be under version 4.9.

What’s new for World of Tanks Blitz 4.9

Chinese Heavy Tanks

The Chinese nation has intensified with a branch of heavy tanks. A new branch of Chinese heavy tanks will appear, from which it will be easier to seize the bases of rivals and crush their teams. The transition to the new technology begins at level 7.

  • at level 7 will be IS-2
  • at level 8 – WZ-110
  • on the 9th level – WZ-111 model 1-4
  • top branches – WZ-113

There was a skill of crew fast capture

This skill speeds up the capture of the base or control point. He trains on light tanks, acts on any technique. If this skill is available to the enemy and it costs to capture, then the capture is increased by 10%.

What else is new in patch 4.9?

  • There was a new camouflage
  • Changed characteristics of 15 tanks
  • Regular balance edits


  1. Can I use these mods? Has anyone had a problem with this? I’m afraid of losing my account: / There are many still using the banned mods, but they have nothing to lose …

    • iam only useing sounds. and i have no problem with that. Wg said u can use Sound and Some GFX mods without loseing the account

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