Update 5.0.1 for World of Tanks Blitz

Tankmen! We hasten to inform about the release of a new update for World of Tanks Blitz, more precisely micro-updates.

What’s New in World of Tanks Blitz 5.0.1?

Many tankers asked to change the mechanics of auto-targeting, since they themselves wanted to choose the type of autoaim from all possible variants. But the new update did not make it possible.

Therefore, the developers decided to release a new update, which would change the situation. Thus, the patch 5.0.1, which allows you to select the type of autoaim, was launched.

To do this go to Tinctures, then Manage and you can select the old type (here are all autoaimĀ before version 5.0) or new (here are after version 5.0)

Important! If you are not interested in this change, you can do not change the version and play on the old one (5.0). Well, if it is relevant for you then download this update and reload the game.


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