Update 5.0 for World of Tanks Blitz

Update 5.0 is already available and you can start testing it right now. Update maps, rebalance techniques, new camouflage, changes in equipment mechanics, all this and even more awaits you right now in the update 5.0. Well, now about everything in more detail:

  • A number of combat vehicles have increased comfort: the weapons have changed, the scatter has been reduced, the time of reduction has improved.
  • Boosters reloading equipment can now be combined. Three standard boosters are combined into one rare, then two rare into one particular.
  • Now you can not go into battle without shells. If the ammunition is half empty, you will withdraw the warning. If you have less than 25% of shells, you can not go into battle.
  • In the technician’s tab, a column appeared with the value of the average damage for each tank. Now your technique can be sorted by new parameters.
  • Improved accuracy of combat in the mode of auto-targeting on mobile devices. Now for the quality of aiming the server is used, it allows minimizing moves of sight at bad ping or sharp movements of the tank.
  • Getting into the opponent in the movement at close or long distances has become easier.
  • The map “Vineyards” has been revised. Now the lighting will not be evening, but morning, that is, now the map has become lighter. The gameplay has changed as well. New places appeared the relief was changed.
  • The capture points have changed in the superiority mode.

See the video below for more details.


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