Update 5.1 for World of Tanks Blitz

Friends! We are hurry to announce the release of a new update for World of Tanks Blitz 5.1, which will take place very soon, July 24th. This update will bring a lot of changes and useful improvements, including a new balancer system, as well as a new strategy for training beginners. We’ll talk about all this in more detail below.

What’s New in World of Tanks Blitz 5.1?

  • Improved balancer

For a long time, developers have been constantly trying to modernize and improve the selection system to battle. The balancer is one of the important and key moments for the fight, it is important that the team that was going to go into battle is made up in the most “fair” way.

In update 5.1, developers make the next improvements for the balancer. Now the team will not have the same military equipment. To be precise, no more than three machines of the same type of combat vehicles per command. This action does not allow one team to have an advantage in combat.

  • New learning system

This innovation is due to the fact that in the game World of Tanks Blitz a lot of technology. A new player who is just beginning to get acquainted with the whole range of equipment in the game is too hard to learn everything at once. Therefore, it was decided to change the training system.

In updating 5.1 newcomers another approach to training awaits. First, newcomers will study the new technique gradually, as the level of the technique they receive increases. Further add additional matchmakers, increase the number of training battles.

  • Classification signs have changed. Now they will begin to accumulate a yak medal.
  • Change some errors


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  1. The new update has made it too expensive for me to play. No matter how I adjust things I end up with a credit deficit. The 2X doesn’t help at all.
    Sorry, but I can only afford a little premium. Email me if you ever fix this. toadold@outlook.com

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