Update 5.2 for World of Tanks Blitz

Tankmen! We are glad to present you a new update for World of Tanks Blitz. Today, August 22nd released a new patch for mobile tanks under version 5.2. In this update, you expect a new map of Faust, stripes, improved rating battles, as well as a change in the balance of equipment. Read more in this article.

What’s New in World of Tanks Blitz 5.2?

  • A new map of Faust

This location is a military base, which is located among the winter mountains. The main feature of this map is the bunker, it is around the bunker and there will be fights on the map. You can get to this map only on level 5 and above, in superiority mode and oncoming battle.

  • Stripes

In update 5.2 players will be able to monitor the amount of damage inflicted with the help of patches, which will notify the player of the effective actions of the player in combat. The game will have 16 patches with a different description and appearance

  • Rating battles

In the rating battles the conditions for charging points for the battle have been changed. Now his points depend on his effectiveness in combat. The more he is active and useful in combat, the more rating points he will receive

  • Replays

Replays become available in the hangar after the appearance of technology no lower than level 5.

With the new update 5.2 in the game will be available legendary camouflage and a rare body kit.

  • Equipment rebalance

To keep the balance at level 10, the recharge time and the safety margin on some tanks have been reduced.

For more details on all the changes in the technology, see below.


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  1. When I start WOT Blitz on my PC it says version(5.1)out of date. Clicking on Update takes me to Microsoft store screen and installing from there takes me back to start the process all over, indicating I already own the game. Endless loop.

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