Update 5.6 for World of Tanks Blitz

Tankers! We are glad to announce the release of a special, festive update in the world of mobile tanks. It is winter outside and everyone is actively preparing to celebrate the New Year 2019. New Year is a period of gifts and surprises, and this applies even to mobile games.

The developers of World of Tanks Blitz also prepared a huge number of gifts and surprises, which you can receive already with the release of the new version of World of Tanks Blitz 5.6, which was released today.

What is new World of Tanks Blitz 5.6?

  • Avatars for players

The first noticeable addition in the new version is avatars. You can find Avatars in the Avatars tab of the same name, here you can select them and also install them. Avatars are permanent and temporary. Temporary avatars fall out of bonus containers. The icon of your avatar will be noticeable together with your nickname in battle, as well as in the hangar.

  • New types of camouflage for technology

With the release of the new update, the developers removed some old camouflage, but added new ones: “Cold calculation”, “Ice armor”, “Frozen flame”, as well as “Tiktanichesky” camouflage available for all types of equipment.

  • New map “Normandy”

Normandy is the French coast at the height of the overlord. The location is available in Head-Up and Superior for vehicles of level 5 and above.

  • The ability to install boosters a couple of seconds before the fight

For forgetful players, great news: the game has the opportunity to install boosters in a couple of seconds to the battle. You can learn more about this change and many others in the video below.


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