Update 6.0 for World of Tanks Blitz. What’s new?

Today, a new update for World of Tanks Blitz is actively preparing for release. The future update will be World of Tanks Blitz under version 6.0. Officially, the update will be released in late May, we will report a more accurate date a little later, but for now we can share news regarding changes and innovations in this version of the game.

What is new World of Tanks Blitz 6.0?

  • The illumination system of the booking areas has changed. That is, now when shooting, the highlight of the reservation will be much more accurate to show vulnerable areas, respectively, when shooting, the results will also improve. Non-penetration or blunders will be significantly less.
  • The spread of armor penetration will be reduced from 15% to 5%, it means the penetration of armor will be more predictable.
  • Change with the destruction of the turret at the tanks. An enemy with less than 3% strength when destroying or exploding a BC will also break the tower. This update is introduced first for levels X, I-IV.
  • New British Tank Destroyer: Challenger (VII), Charioteer (VIII) and Conway (IX).
  • On these tanks also appear new equipment, which can be purchased for equipment.
  • Equipment and ammunition will appear in the new branch gradually to avoid imbalance in the game. The developers admit the possibility of the emergence of new ammunition and equipment for other branches in the future.

These changes are just a small part of all the innovations of the future version. What else to expect in the new update and when exactly the release of patch 6.0 for World of Tanks Blitz will take place will be announced later. Follow the news!

What’s new in a future update WoTs Blitz 6.0?

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