Update World of Tanks Blitz 1.3. All the details!

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Maybe tomorrow will be a new update World of Tanks Blitz 1.3, which will bring us a lot of new content, various interface improvements and gameplay of the game.

update 1.3

What’s new in the 1.3 update?

Two new maps await players in the 1.3 update: Black Goldville and Lost Temple.

Black Goldville

Black Goldville map

Lost Temple

Map Lost Temple in the update WoT Blitz 1.3 1

Will there be new vehicles in this update?

The new update added the Soviet heavy tank branch from tier six to tier ten with the IS-4 at the top of the branch, so there are five vehicles – the other four are the T-150, KV-3, KV-4, ST-1, and IS-4

Image 29 Image 28

Additionally, three premium vehicles were added. They are the American tier eight SuperPershing medium tank, the Soviet SU-85I tank destroyer, and the lend-lease Valentine light tank.

What other changes will the new update of World of Tanks Blitz bring?

The battle results screen was improved in the 1.3 update. Now, players have access to detailed battle statistics, including personal efficiency, detailed information on the amount of credits and experience earned in each battle, and achievement progress.

Graphics also changed. To increase reality of atmosphere we’ve improved our fog technology. Now lighting and atmosphere on the maps looks much better than before.

graphich improved

Realistic grass was also added to the main battle maps but because of the performance requirements it’s available only for the high-end devices.

1 2

The following vehicles were rebalanced: medium tanks in tier seven; the American T29 tier seven heavy tank; and the Soviet KV-1 and Kv-1S heavy tanks.

Some premium vehicles were also rebalanced: the Lowe, the T34, the Panther M10, The Dicker Max, and the T-25.

The tier seven medium tanks have better average damage now. The T29 had its turret traverse speed nerfed and its gun aiming time increased. Turret traverse speed was also nerfed for the KV-1 and the KV-1S.

Different parameters of premium vehicles were changed to make the gameplay on these vehicles more comfortable.

The Panther M10’s rate of fire was increased. The Lowe received a better rate of fire and turret traverse speed.

Image 36

The T34’s turret traverse speed was buffed and the dispersion on turret traverse was reduced.

The DickerMax received better crossing capacity on medium terrain and more hit points.

Image 34

The crossing capacity on all types of terrain and rate of fire were improved for the T-25.

Image 35

Additionally, premium vehicles in tier two to tier eight now earn more credits per battle. A number of balance changes were made to the maps. The time to capture the base was increased from 75 to 100 seconds for the maps Rockfield, Desert Sands, Mines, and Oasis Palms.

For the map Dead Rail, the time to capture the base was increased from 85 to 100 seconds.

Player oftan ask:

1. Do you plan to introduce replays? 

– Not in 1.3 update. But have a prototype of the replays, so generally – yes, we do.

2. Do you plan to nerf premium shells?

– No, not in 1.3 update.

3. Will the game work on the iPhone 6?

– Yes. We already tested and fixed bugs on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. I would say that iPhone 6 is great device to play our game, because of its size

4. Do you plan any reticle changes? What about the reload timer?

– Yes, we have such plans. You will be able to customize your reticle, including the reload timer.

5. Should we expect any changes to game physics?

– Not in the near features.

6. What should WoT Blitz players expect in future patches?

We have big plans for the next versions of the game. We’re going to add another new map, which resembles a very well-hnown classic World of Tanks PC map, Malinovka. Also, it will be a branch of German heavy tanks with the Maus at the top.

The more detail you can learn from video ASAP, the first issue:

Once the update is released, you can download it here: http://blitzworldoftanks.com/download/

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