Update WoT Blitz 1.5. What’s new? Release!


The 1.5 update brought the new British branch of tanks, plus a new map, Winter Malinovka, and the opportunity to train crew skills.

World of Tanks Blitz Update 1.5

The branch of British vehicles and British were the designers of the first tanks – is original, and doesn’t look like the other branches. That’s not surprising, because tank building in Britain followed its own path dor a long time.



The very first tank in the British  Tech Tree is a medium tank. No other nation has a medium tank as the Tier I vehicle. Vehicles up to the Centurion are “cruiser tanks”, to use the British terminology. In real life, their main advantage was their high speed. This features has carried over into the game. Additionaly, their guns are very accurate. Average damage per shot is not high, but the rate of fire is.

Classic medium tanks occupy the top of the branch. Of course, they all have their unique British features.







A new map, “Winter Malinovka”, was added to the game. It could be said that it bring a festive feeling, but intense battles won’t let you forget why you are there.





In the 1.5 update, crews were given skills and players now have the opportunity to train them.


These skills provide additional advantages in battle. For example, there are bonuses to mobility, camouflage, dispersion reduction and gun firepower. Crew skills are divided into four groups. These groups represent types of vehicles that should be driven to take advantage of those skills.

Do you want the Hasty Shot or Low Recoil skills? Then take your light tanks into the battle.


If you want Robustness, drive heavy tanks.


To train Camouflage, roll out in a tank destroyer.


The skills you have already mastered will work regardless of what type of vehicle you use in the battle. For example, Robustness will help heavy, medium, and light tanks.

Great news for those who have played before the 1.5 update. All the crew experience you’ve earned up to this point has not disappeared. You just need to distribute it among the skills.

Be careful! You should do it for all four groups of skills; Otherwise, they won’t work at all.

Another important thing to note: Once a skill is trained to Level 1,  you won’t be able to drop or redistribute all of the accumulated experience. However, you will be able to transfer it from one group to another without penalties or lose of experience.

crew 2

Also, the 1.5 update introduced some balance changes  to the characteristics of some vehicles; we’ve made some gameplay improvements, and added other things as well

A detailed list of changes can be found on our website: http://blitzworldoftanks.ru/category/update_wot_blitz/

Download the new update you can on this page: http://blitzworldoftanks.com/download/

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