Update WoT Blitz 2.8 – All the Details!

Hello everyone,

WoT blitz 2.8

World of Tanks Blitz continue to evolve. Update 2.8 will bring a new branch of Soviet tank destroyers, totaly reworked consumables, as well as changes to vehicles’ profitability and the appearance of some game locations.

soviet tanks destroyers

The main changes and innovations:

Added rate of fire and the deadly Soviet Tank Destroyers: SU-100M1, SU-101, SU-122-54, and “Object 263”.

Each machine is now available three more slots for ammunition – passive bonuses, operating throughout the battle.

Updated level of profitability of some tanks.

Significantly reworked map “Winter Malinovka”.

02_malinovka 04_malinovka 05_malinovka 06_malinovka 07_malinovka

Changes have been made to a number of other maps.

Added combat missions for high-level light tanks.

Download .APK file WoT Blitz 2.8


  1. please upload the data.
    I am not able to download it from application itself for some reason.
    Please upload data for mali and powervr.

  2. link is not 2.8 this is 2.7
    i want 2.8 apk

  3. hi good games nice

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