Warmods modpack v4.2 from Guide4Play team

All Resolution, All GPU, Android / IOS

Good day tankersl! Finally a new release modpack from Guide4Play Team got to tanksmods.com! The main paradigm of our assembly – flexibility, performance and convenience. Recycling undergone: the game interface, camouflage, sight, hangar  game sound, in-game music and many others pleasant things. All modes are well optimized to minimize the load on your device. Modpack will not drawdown FPS even on slower phones. We also removed the annoying smoke and fumes from the dead tanks and decorated flag on the base.
If you need only a few mods from modpack, then you need “Constructor”, there are all mods in folders with screenshots. Also in constructor we have a large collection of different sights for every taste!

Modpack has:
Antismoke Mod
Removes smoke and burning corpses tanks
Interface: Scratch White Wolf
Camouflage by Dexter
Replaces the standard camouflage
Sound crew from WOT
Sight One Point
Arrows tank movement “Grey glass”
Base Flag “Deer”
Green tank position indicator in sniper mode
New music [only FullVers]
Call of Duty Main Theme
Hangar: Need for Speed Soundtrack, DMX – Party Up
Hangar Guide4Play [only FullVers]


screenshot_20161008-124632_result-1024x576 1boklhezatm-1024x576 scs6yiwdlkw_result-1024x576

Authors of modpack (Guide4Play team):

Vlad Chatillion (VladChat on site), UNION, Dexter
The team of testers:
Fry_friday, nero6396, Mr_Artemoshka, Egokilling
The founder of the project:

Download modpack:

Assembling Standart (mod 8)  (22 MB)

Assembling FullVers (10 mods) (70 MB)

Designer (All modes separately) (77 MB)


  1. Sir.. This link is broke(?) pls fix thin :’)

    • Sorry, fixed

      • dear admin, it would be so great if you could post the paths were to install each mod, for i would go like usually storage.. sd.. android.. wargaming.. files, pleas if you could add a quick install path, or an instruction, i would leave it here for all those like me, confused with this great fine mod pack. greetz kick

  2. Hello, how to install this in my game, i really need help to install this mod Assembling FullVers (10 mods)?

  3. In the custom download, why is it all random ass letters that make no sense what’s fucking ever?

    • Open the folder a couple times and it will be in English 🙂 once you know what in the folder, rename the scribble letters to regular letters and do what the text files say to do

  4. Does it work on the PC Steam version aswell? If not, then please make it work 🙂

  5. it works for both pc and andoid/ios 😀 gr8 mod m8 🙂

  6. how to download this on PC o put the files in almost all files of wot blitz

  7. well u left no instructions or path explanation whatsoever? intentionally, or just by mistake? please reply, for i adore your mods. and it would be great for all yer fans to share. if you have it in russian. no problem just send it to my email. ive russian friends i will translate it also in german if needed. greets keep up the great work on mods for the game.

  8. Ehm does wot sound work?

  9. Is there maybe like a video tutorial on how to do this?

  10. Hey man I really want this mod pack. Maybe you could do something to help installing them,or maybe.. a video tutorial

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