What about mods in the patch World of Tanks Blitz 4.8?

Hello! You probably noticed that after the release of patch 4.8, the number of current mods for the game World of Tanks Blitz has decreased. Modders stopped updating their modifications, and on the Internet, there is an opinion that the WG generally banned the release and installation of any additional modifications. If you have decided that mods have come to an end, then it is not true.

The current hitch with the update of mods was due to the innovation in the game World of Tanks Blitz 4.8, we are talking about a new degree of protection against cheaters. Recall, under the terms of the license agreement that you “signed” (ticked before you download the game), you should not install any additional modifications to the game.

Based on these arguments and the desire to clear the game of all sorts of cheaters, Wargaming decided to release a new degree of protection against dishonest players. But unfortunately, this whole undertaking directly affected many players who do not use prohibited modifications in the game, but only those that improve the appearance, make the game comfortable, in general, do not change the gameplay in any way.

According to the developers, the new system of protection against cheaters is in the test mode (with the release of patch 4.8) and unfortunately is not yet able to correctly separate the cheaters from honest players, so any player who installs any mod (even legal) can get the bans as a real cheater.

This situation has greatly angered many gamers who are already accustomed to using mods (legal), so at the moment this situation is at the decision stage. Most likely, according to developers, WG will create a certain portal (as it was in the World of Tanks), where you can safely and without any fear download and install any legal modification.

At the moment, players can use the modification they are interested in, but only legal, since the new system of protection is aimed only at cheaters.


  1. This is not true, I’m still on some illegal mods, yes i am a cheater. Never been banned. There is no mod detection, that’s all a lie, nice one WG!

  2. hi im a mod designer. well im keep installing mods and nothing happend. WG this is better not be a joke…

    • i dont know why they will the cheaters? WHY they dont send a WARNING to the cheater or a 7 day ban?like the WOT
      They will ban without a warning… :/

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