WoT Blitz 6.4. Download update

Version 6.4 update for WoT Blitz has started today, which means that the time has come for the full moon …. The first changes can be seen on the location Alpetstat. Now this is the concentration of evil and horror …

On the map, the consecration has changed, some details and even the name, now it is Horrorland. Fight in the night and beware of what is in the darkness.

Also in this update, the visual display of projectile tracers has changed. Now they leave a smoky trail. With it, tracers look spectacular and realistic. Drama in the battles will be added by the separation of the towers of the medium tank of the ninth level of the European team of standard B and the British st of the sixth level of sherman firefly. Definitely this spectacle is incomparable

Also on some tanks there were changes in appearance: legendary colors and camouflage were added. Thanks to this coloring of the tanks, the battles will be a little brighter 🙂

Two new body kits appeared: a bicycle and night krill. It is impossible not to notice these body kits. With them, your tanks turn into Valkyries and soar above the battlefield. See the video below for more details on the upcoming update.

You can download the update right now in the Download section

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