WoT Blitz on WINDOWS 10


Attention! Announced an unprecedented mobilization – World of Tanks Blitz burst onto the new platform. Now mobile tankers can battle on phones, tablets and PC with the operating system Windows 10.

WoT Blitz - Windows 10

Please note: the tankers with the keyboard and mouse are fighting separately from players using the touch controls.

Download WoT Blitz on Windows 10, you can here


  1. Found that in the tank upgrade screen, there is a button called “Dump Tree”.. I just wonder what is does for?

  2. I’m going to mod the windows 10 pc version, im in game files folder and waiting on alarim modpack download I’ll be back if its successful.

  3. it works great on my pc, but the Mods dont work with the Windows 10 Version

  4. Works great on Windows 10………. but there no Mods for Blitz on Windows 10

  5. rhenfz buhf

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