WoTB Sfx Mod Pack v2.7.0.0

Hello everyone,

Overview of this Mod package


Overall load and to introduce a sound system Mod becomes heavy increase (fps decline) because there is a tendency
The suppressed load increase as much as possible ahead of the size taking into account the balance between the sound
Significantly capacity down than the standard with respect to voice ※

[Basic Mod Specifications]
· Engine sound
· Shelling sound (with manual closure device operation sound)
· Hit sound
· wireless communication voice (Japanese / English)
· environmental sound lightweight file
· Enemy spot warning sound
· Sixth sense +10 seconds spot timer sound
· Bullet species change sound
· Loading completion sound
· Crew and critical hit the alarm sound to the module
· Vehicle fire alarm sounds
· Sniper mode of the car engine sound
· The vehicle destroyed sound

· Loading completion sound skin (alarm sound 9 type and Japanese voice)
· Vehicle fire alarm sound skin (alarm sound 2 type)
· Adrenaline when using start-end voice (English)
· lightweight environmental sound
· Loading and equalize the music of result

Corresponding terminal
• The GPU alike Android and all models of iOS
Before Mod introduction
• The following directory (in the case of Android) ※ I do the procedure, such as iOS also similar
That you back up as “Data_BackUp”, etc. in the “Data” folder each advance in.

• If in a commentary that it is to be indicated “replace each folder” should be replaced delete the always original folder the same name without overwriting in the folder of the Mod.

Since the introduction of the Mod is the first one, is describes the basic knowledge of Mod introduced at the blog please refer to.
“WoT Blitz Mod course [Introduction] basic knowledge of ~ ~ Mod introduction”
How to use
[Basic Mod]
• The following directory
We want to overwrite the normal data the following “Basic_Mod / Data / Sfx” to.

[Options Mod]
Be sure to from the introduction of basic Mod ※.

<Loading completion sound skin>
Loading_Completion _-_ Sound_Type1 ~ Type9
Loading_Completion _-_ Voice (ja)
※ it will change the loading completion sound.
The following “./Loading_Completion_-_(Sound or Voice (ja)) / Data / Sfx” I want to overwrite the file with the same name.

<Vehicle fire alarm sound skin>
Fire_Alarm _-_ Type1
Fire_Alarm _-_ Type2
※ it will change the loading completion sound.
The “./Fire_Alarm_-_(Type1 or Type2) / Data / Sfx” below I overwrite the same name file.

<Start-end voice when adrenaline use>
Adrenalin _-_ Voice
※ it will change the start-end sound at the time of adrenaline used for voice.
You want to overwrite the following “./Adrenalin_-_Voice/Data/Sfx” in the same name file.

<Lightweight environmental sound>
Lightweight _-_ Ambient_Sound
※ It becomes decreases fps improved load by introducing.
Overwrite “./Lightweight_-_Ambient_Sound/Data/Sfx” the following to the normal data.
※ Please disable the lightweight environmental sound If a problem occurs in the future updates of WoTB app.

<Music Change>
Music _-_ Tuned_Music
※ it will change the music of loading and result to equalize version.
Overwrite “./Music_-_Tuned_Music/Data/Music” the following to the normal data.
※ Please disable the lightweight environmental sound If a problem occurs in the future updates of WoTB app.
AAbout spot timer
Use as a guide and since it is not necessarily dynamically is detected processing the spot out.
For manual closure device operation sound
It is only valid for sniper mode.
· Any trouble at your own risk because it does not concern the time of use.
· re-distribution is free to ask distributed in the state, but the attached document also stocked all files is not modified in any way, including.
※ This is a consideration for people who received to be able to understand the content of correctly Mod.
Update History

2016/03/19 v2.7.0.0
· Upd to version 2.7


WoTB_Sfx_Mod_Pack_v2.7.0.0.zip (69 Mb)


  1. Gun sound was great and has no bugs at all but the gun sound firing needs a little volume raise you cant hear it when not using earphone.

  2. very good, but can you change the gun sound?, it’s sounds very bad 🙁
    only the gun sound, not the reload sound

    • How do I use this? I am not very tech savvy and am not really good with computers and such, so could you help me out? I have an iPhone 5c. Please and thankyou

  3. To the webmaster

    Introduction Thank you .
    Mod package Ver. Reports did therefore an update to

  4. en me that it arises only aimed at the changes his files in which a person can not have

  5. How to use just the engine sound

    • You can usually tell which sound is for what by going through the datas. Just unzip the mod, check the data names and select. The engine sounds are most likely something like “engine.start” and “engine.move”/”engine.run”

  6. i want gun sound to like this http://download1723.mediafire.com/27dftu7nd5bg/qxmojs0etqxi074/Sfx.rar
    please, thks. i like this. but sniper gun sound is standard.

  7. Actually the only sound I hate is the sixth sense sound,what is the name of the file so I can delete it

  8. Hewuej

  9. Can you make a mod for 2.10?

  10. unable to download due to ip address not found, either the website owner is lazy…. or he doesn’t care idk.. if i were you i will re-upload the link.

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